《Super LRC Player隐私政策和使用条款》

Super LRC Player软件承诺严格遵守法律法规,遵循以下隐私保护原则,为您提供更加安全、可靠的服务:








Super LRC Player terms of use and privacy policy

Super LRC Player software promises to strictly abide by the laws and regulations and follow the following privacy protection principles to provide you with more secure and reliable services:

1. This software does not collect any information.

2. This software does not share, transfer or disclose any information.

3. Function limitation of the software (i.e. the software only includes the following functions):

(1) Open the MP3 file you choosed for playback

(2) Open the LRC file you choosed to display the corresponding lyrics

(3) Loop play, random play, sequence play the mp3(s) and lrc(s) you choosed

4. Special note: in case of any conflict between this Privacy Policy and other hidden policies of this website, this Privacy Policy shall prevail.