Super LRC Editor
  • Super LRC Editor is developed by me, Renjie.Zhang.
  • The version of macOs is on Apple store:
  • The AI version of macOs is on Apple store(AI版本):
  • The version of UWP is on microsoft store(English) (中文微软应用商店)
  • The version of windows7 is here(华军软件园下载点) and it's free now:
  • With Super LRC Editor application, you can edit lrc like this:
    • First, you need to find a mp3 file.
    • Then, you can open the mp3 file with this app.
    • Then, click play button.
    • Then click '+' button whlie you want to add any lyric line at the right time.
    • And the other way to use this app:
    • First, open a mp3 file with this app.
    • Then, open a lrc file with this app(the lrc file only need exist pure lyric lines).
    • Then, check the 'Tag mode'.
    • Then, click the first line of the lyric list controller.
    • Then, click the play button.
    • Then click the 'T' button while you want to tag the time with lyric line.

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